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If you were friends with an amazingly talented makeup artist who has never failed in a creative endeavor, could you keep her a secret? Neither could I. I want to introduce you to THAT makeup artist. She is an artist, a mom, and a MAC makeup fanatic, who is co-owner of Lime Tiger Art Studio in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Typing her interests makes me tired, because she has too much talent to lock herself into one line of work.

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Figure 1 Lauren and Jon's October 2014 Wedding at Legacy Farms

Lauren and Jon’s Tennessee Wedding at Legacy Farms

October 5, 2014, marked the first day of Lauren and Jon’s life together as a married couple. Their wedding was an intimate ceremony held at Legacy Farms (Main Event Productions) in

Claddagh Inn in Hendersonville, North Carolina
She said “Yes.” You have walked with your bride-to-be down aisles of home stuff with the registry scanner. In fact, you scanned your favorite big-screen television to the registry when she went to powder her nose! She has picked her dress, your tux, fine china, the music, the cake, the colors, the venue, the photographer (Hopefully, it was I Do Photography Nashville!), and the hotel for your guests. Now, it is time to book a honeymoon hideaway near Nashville, yet far enough to put distance between you and the craziness of the wedding day.

Our top choice is the Claddagh Inn in Hendersonville, North Carolina. The inn boasts a lovely quaintness that can be found only in the mountains. This B & B is near the Blue Ridge Parkway, affording newly married couples relaxing walks on the nearby trails, scenic drives on the parkway, a chance for adventurers to careen down Sliding Rock, rope bridges, and city comforts in Asheville, where the Biltmore estate is located.