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Rustic weddings are perfect for the right couple.

Rustic, without being certifiably redneck, is the hip wedding theme these days. Because rustic is so hip, even the most urban city girl is choosing to plan a wedding that rocks burlap table runners, mason jars, and chalkboard-type signage.

There are many choices to consider when choosing your wedding venue. In Tennessee, of course, we have no coastline on which to have a beautiful beach wedding. We do, however, have unlimited access to the outdoors and rolling hills along with a deep history. In fact, Kelly Clarkson married Brandon Blackstock at Blackberry Farms, near Knoxville, where all the upper echelon get married. (The rooms average $3,300 per night, give or take.) 

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The Happiest Day

The “Perfect Wedding OCD” vortex is this mental fixation with perfection on your wedding day. Perfect weight. Perfect dress. Perfect cake. Perfect catering. Perfect EVERYTHING. The wedding industry makes copious amounts of money at any given time. Many wedding professionals mentally assault the bride with “must haves,” including dresses, makeup trends, and popular reception ideas. No bride should feel like her wedding day was arranged by a wedding vendor /tyrant. You - the bride and the groom- are spending one of the largest amounts of money you will likely ever spend on one event.

Mike and Me

While our girls are, blissfully, at “school,” I am sitting at Starbucks enjoying the time, checking out the people, and sifting through online shopping sites. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to blog about when I muzzily rolled out of bed and into my day. I found it by happenstance.


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