That is the question on his mind. He absolutely does not want to disappoint you, but he probably does not want to wear a tuxedo, or at least not willingly.

I sit in the coffee shop and look around at the packed crowd. Today, it is mostly men. I bet if I were to ask each one of them their preference on wearing a tuxedo or not wearing one, they would chose not to wear a tuxedo. The coffee shop probably does not want me to poll their customers while I am here, so I will refrain. Looking at the patrons, I wonder what the men’s answers would be versus the women’s answers. There is also the traditional crowd versus the non-traditional crowd.

In fact, one man is going on and on about a wedding as I type. I find this amusing. I did not hear the entire story, but he seems to not want to go to a friend’s child’s wedding because of some ethical, moral, or other issue. I am betting, just from his conversation, that he would be in support of a tuxedo all the way.

There is another guy here, a regular, and a local media man who recently got married. I would love to ask him if his new wife made him wear a tuxedo or if they kept it simple. I think his wife wore a traditional dress, and he probably dressed in a nice suit for the occasion. I would love to know, but I do not want to butt into their conversation. I have guesses on their other wedding details too, which I would love to confirm, but I will not. People absolutely need their coffee time.

So, the point of my ramble today is that we are not required to conform to societal norms to please others on the best day of our lives. Let him wear something he is comfortable wearing. You wear a dress in which you feel amazing. Politely listen to your mom and his mom and your auntie and his sister and your cousin who got married last year and, of course, your BFF. But, do not forget that this is your day. Let it be.

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