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Several years ago, Faith Hill released a song called “This Kiss.” She sings “You got me like a rocket shooting straight across the sky.” I have been thinking about the weight of a kiss lately.

A kiss is often overlooked. (I think about quirky things, I know.) In reality, isn’t the first kiss in a relationship a game- changer? Think about it. You started dating a while back. You went through all the normal dating stuff, or maybe you didn’t. At some point, I imagine, you kissed…THE kiss, the very first kiss. You may have anticipated it during your first date, or maybe you thought about it through a couple of dates. When I was younger, I didn’t think a kiss meant anything at all. A kiss was a gross thing that boys and girls did when they were older! That is so not the case now. No one wants a fishy, lame, boring kiss. Should it not contain a spark of fire, a hint of smolder, and a great deal of bone-deep want? You are marrying this person. This person is your new forever.

That being said, how will you tackle the kiss at the end of your wedding? Will Grannie pass out if you and your groom lay a smoking hot kiss on each other in the church? Maybe you have a liberal, encouraging family, but you feel self-conscious about kissing your new hubby in front of a crowd. Just remember, it is yours and your fiancée’s wedding day and not anyone else’s. I think this is an often-forgotten detail for the wedding. Just do your thing, and let others do theirs. Celebrate yourselves as newlyweds and enjoy every blessed moment of your day. Let your inner princess enjoy her prince for a moment that begins a liftetime.

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