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The Happiest Day

The “Perfect Wedding OCD” vortex is this mental fixation with perfection on your wedding day. Perfect weight. Perfect dress. Perfect cake. Perfect catering. Perfect EVERYTHING. The wedding industry makes copious amounts of money at any given time. Many wedding professionals mentally assault the bride with “must haves,” including dresses, makeup trends, and popular reception ideas. No bride should feel like her wedding day was arranged by a wedding vendor /tyrant. You - the bride and the groom- are spending one of the largest amounts of money you will likely ever spend on one event.

One issue I have with the industry as a whole is that it pushes “skinny.” Your weight does not matter. Your future husband loves you no matter what size you buy. No one, I repeat, NO ONE should force you to feel like you have to lose weight to get married. This is not boxing, and there is no weight limit on your big day. Wedding dresses, believe it or not, come in every size. I may have mentioned this before, but I redesigned my mom's wedding dress from her 1972 wedding to my dad. I tried on many huge, fluffy, fairytale-princess dresses that really did not work for my petite frame. (In 1998, I was extremely petite at 4’11” and weighed a whopping buck-oh-eight. I have eaten since then, had two amazing little girls, and changed my activity level drastically.)

I dislike when we go to wedding shows, and the weight-loss vendors bombard people. They spend their time walking the shows, talking to people about weight loss. At one show, a vendor stopped by our booth multiple times offering to help ME lose weight. First, I was not a bride-to-be. Second, I was expecting a baby at the time. Brides are beautiful no matter what size dress they are wearing. You are planning one of the happiest days of your life. If a wedding professional makes you feel any emotion other than ecstatic, then you do not need him or her as a vendor for your wedding. Please remember, this is a client-vendor relationship for many of the companies at your wedding. You are paying them for a service, not for their opinion.

We are happy to serve you on your wedding day, as you step into your life as a newlywed.


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