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While our girls are, blissfully, at “school,” I am sitting at Starbucks enjoying the time, checking out the people, and sifting through online shopping sites. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to blog about when I muzzily rolled out of bed and into my day. I found it by happenstance.


I was inspired, not by a muse, like many artists and writers, but by

an idea. It was a photo of a simple studded purse. A light bulb came on with full power. We have yet to photograph a rock-and-roll wedding. (Honestly, rockabilly, historic, and goth weddings fall into this “INTERESTED” category as well.) This would be an amazing experience because rock and roll is close to my heart. Most of our weddings have been traditional. Ours was extremely traditional. As I reminisce, the amount of tradition at our wedding is kind of funny because I am one of the most nontraditional people that I know. I should have, at least, worn a studded garter or something. I tried to serve pecan pie instead of wedding cake, but I was outvoted! We are approaching 17 years of wedded bliss, so I am still pondering things that didn’t happen. There is nothing wrong with a traditional wedding, but expanding our photography horizons is always on our list of goals.

Brides catch flak and get opinions from every single relative and friend. I would have liked a little less flak and more “Go for it” to have surrounded the wedding. Our wedding day was absolutely joyful. Our photo book is lovely. In fact, our photographer caught Mike and me giggling during our ceremony while sitting in the pew inside St. Patrick’s Church during a quiet moment of the Mass. I added that photo to our book because I loved it SO much. It captured the humorous personalities of Mike and me. Another cool tidbit from our wedding is that I burnt my fingers while attempting to light our unity candle. I mean, it was not that funny when it happened, but now I smile and laugh about it because I am certain I had this hilarious look on my face at that moment. Thankfully, we were facing away from cameras and attendees.

Charlie Brown said, “In the book of life, the answers aren’t in the back.” Living those days in between is an amazing process, even while planning a wedding. It is glorious and stressful at the same time.

Rock and roll.


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