That is the question on his mind. He absolutely does not want to disappoint you, but he probably does not want to wear a tuxedo, or at least not willingly.

kiss lips

Several years ago, Faith Hill released a song called “This Kiss.” She sings “You got me like a rocket shooting straight across the sky.” I have been thinking about the weight of a kiss lately.

If you are looking for a place in New Orleans for your rehearsal dinner or for your small wedding ceremony, “Chopped” champion Matt Murphy welcomes you as one of his family at The Irish House. He wanted to take Ireland’s food fare to a city rich with Irish history, so Matt and his wife, Alicia, headed to Louisiana. We were blessed enough to eat at the Chef’s Table. This gave us the perfect vantage point to see how the restaurant works. Near the end of our meal, I commented on the quietness of the kitchen. Chef Matt told me that the kitchen was on its best behavior while we were there, though I believe it likely runs as a well-oiled machine with visitors at the Chef’s Table or not.